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Criftins Church of England Primary School

Class Two

14th October 2020 - mirror image of autumn leaves.

September 2020 Shelter Building, building, testing for weather conditions.

We made some fantastic nature collages during our time in the Hub

16th October 19 - More hedgehogs!

9th October - making hedgehogs and bugs.

25th September 2019 - Two boys helped with filling holes up in the field to make it safer. They used soil that the moles had conveniently left for them!!

18th Sept 19 - Another lovely warm autumn day. More den building, more things made in the mud kitchen and some wonderful discoveries including snail eggs, a very long worm, a newt, large slugs and a beautiful dragonfly.

11th Sept 2019 - First session of Forest School of this year - we found a mouse’s nest, plenty of slugs, we chatted, we played in the mud kitchen and transported lots of water

30th April 2019 - We discussed what was happening around us in the Spring. We listened to the birds which were singing loudly! We talked about the birds making their nests, why, what out of, how etc The children then were given the task of making their own nest and clay eggs.

27th March 2019 - another unseasonably warm day - the children had played Spiders and Flies and then had time to work together on projects of their choice.

First Forest School of 2019. February 26th - t-shirts, shadows and sunshine. Great to be outside in this wonderful weather.

28/11/18 - Our first really cold and wet session - waterproof coats, trousers, gloves, hats and plenty of layers especially socks in the wellies a must from now on!

14/11/2018 - in groups the children had to create a picture in a frame. They had to choose a well known story to illustrate.

7/11/2018 - When we light a fire we have to toast marshmallows!

2/10/2108 - finding things that begin with each letter of the alphabet.

September 18th 2018 - In groups of 3 the children searched the Forest School site and the playing field for things they could put on a scavenger hunt for the other groups to follow. They had to try to find somethings that no other groups hadn’t found.

Still wet and muddy! 13th March 2018

Cold! 28th February 2018

15th Nov 2017

Investigating molehills!