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Autumn Term 2021

Autumn Term September - December, 2021.

Class 4 is a wonderful place to be. Scroll through this page to see a few examples of work conducted from September through till December, 2021. We are always busy and what is important to us is developing a wide and varied curriculum. Enjoy browsing and when you are ready click back to our home page and then onto our next Term of work.

Dance Workshop with CEDC

Today was a great day as we spent time working with Chloe from the Chloe Elizabeth Dance Company. We joined together with class 3 to dance, move and have fun. Today was all about learning how to Street Dance. Dancing is a great way to move to music, keep fit and have a good time friends. Thank you for sharing your skills with us Chloe.

Christmas Jumper Day : Save the Children

Today was a very special day as we support the charity Save The Children. Across school we dressed up, had fun and also raised money for this wonderful charity.

Design Technology : Structures.

Today we started to look at how we can join art straws to create a framework structure. We soon realised the importance of using horizontals and verticals to create straight lines. Building design needs 90 degree corners and strong defined angles and lines to create integrity. We also used triangulation to create greater strength. Simple joins create simple shapes. Shapes joined together create structures.

Big Draw !

Today the WHOLE school joined together to produce artwork based on making a difference to the beautiful world we live in. Today is all about Eco Awareness and later using our artwork for our ECO PROTEST. 

Associate Teachers

Today we welcomed a group of Associate Teachers from Chester University to work with us on our Hokusai Katsushika Art work. It was wonderful to work with new faces, enthusiastic aspirational teachers and also develop our work and understanding. Today we focussed on layering and building up detail. Great fun and a huge thank you to all of our helpers today.

Design Technology Structures.

Our DT topic for this term is now well on its way. After looking at design structures, materials and roof designs we wanted to get a feel for size and dimension. Using our Hardback Hideout was a great way to examine the internal and external dimensions. We then used tape measures to finalise the actual dimensions of length, width and height.

COP 26 & Mr Sobczak SP Energy.

Today we welcomed a very busy Mr. Sobczak to talk to Year 5 & Year 6 about energy usage and also his recent attendance at COP 26. Lots of things in our daily lives need power, but today was about helping us to understand how we can conserve power usage to help keep our planet environmentally friendly. It was fascinating thinking about how we as humans can damage our planet but how we can also create and do amazing things.

Parish Hall Community Trip 2021

It was wonderful today for the children of Class 3 and Class 4 to visit the local Parish Hall. They all performed beautifully with Christmas songs, poems, instruments and prayers. 

Children in Need.

Today we all thought about how fortunate we all are and collectively raised money for this worthy charity. Each of us donated and wore different clothes other than our school uniform. At lunchtime we were also treated to a special Children in Need cookie biscuit. Delicious.

Snack Shack now open!

Today was the first day that the Snack Shack opened. This is a project that the Year 6’s have created and are managing at break times. Today was a huge success and they have nearly sold all their stock!

Anti-Bullying Week November, 2021.

Today across the whole school we gathered to discuss and develop our understanding of Anti-Bullying. This annual focus helps to teach pupils about how their kindness and actions can make a huge difference. After watching an introduction we were able to work together developing our understanding. 

Remembrance Day.

Today was a very special day as we took time to stop, think and remember those that have given up their lives for our freedom. Today Class 4 prepared a presentation assembly for the whole school. We then also took part in a 2 minute silence in the hall. It was magical to all be together as we had also decorated a small white paper back and placed a tea light into it. In the darkness of the hall it re created a time of peace and remembrance.

Sports Ambassador Elections.

The children gathered in the hall to vote for four candidates to become the Sports Ambassador’s for the school. Year 6 candidates wrote their own speech’s to delegate why other pupils should vote for them and excellently presented them in the election. 

Pathways - Can we save the tiger ?

As we return to school from our half term we begin our new English unit of work. This is the wonderful persuasive text about preservation and conservation. We began by watching a shocking video of how some wine production uses Tiger bone. We followed this with drama work to recognise the immense beauty and power of the tiger.

Picture Book Study.

Every few weeks , as part of our Guided reading, we take some time to focus on a single book. Using the inspiration we are then able to develop our creativity through make, paint, drama, writing or presenting. This week we focused on the awesome Shaun Tan book of The Arrival.


Harvest Celebrations.

Today it was wonderful when all the school had time to think about Harvest. Class 3 and Class 4 joined together to work with Mrs Jones and also Reverend Andrew to work together. Working together is important it is a time of sharing, discussing and finding out. Some pupils used the time for writing prayers, putting post it notes of thanks and celebration, drawing, lighting a candle in memory and enjoying tasty snacks of carrots and fruit.

Class 4 Have Got The Power !

This new academic year we have adopted a brand new and exciting approach to the teaching of Mathematics. Each day begins with work on number fluency, a little problem solving and then some Powermaths. This new approach develops mathematical reasoning, problem solving but also a Mastery Approach. Great fun too !

Pathways English: Cafe Culture.

As part of our story Star of Fear, Star of Hope we wanted to use some drama to recreate one of the scenes. This depicts a cafe scene where a waitress is serving customers. Cafe Culture began in the 1930s and is still popular today. A time of social gathering, piano music all accompanied by light bites and drinks.

Mrs. Pearson and The Marches.

Today our year 6 pupils welcomed Mrs Pearson who came to talk to our year 6 about the possibility of transferring to The Marches next year. Choosing the next step is a huge family decision and it was good to hear about one of the many possibilities for transition.

Science : Fossils.

Today we had the opportunity to look closely at some fossils brought into school by pupils in class 4. Fossils are fascinating as they give us an insight into life millions of years ago. Finding out about the past helps us to understand more about the present and how animals have evolved and adapted over time.

Pathways English : Bringing History to life.

A huge thank you as one of our pupils brought in a de activated bullet recovered from their Great Grandad. The use of bullets during the Second World War links so well with our Pathways Text of Star of Fear, Star of Hope. A story centred around the Jewish persecution by the German Nazi Army.

Medals of honour.

It was wonderful when our Pathways Story inspired one of our pupils who shared family memorabilia through WarTime Medals. A reminder of those who bravely supported the war effort.


Rest Easy and Well being.

Today in the hall we welcomed Emlly and Karen from The NHS Rest Easy Team to talk to all our year 4, year 5 and year 6 about emotional well being. We listened and then worked in mixed age groups to talk together about changes and how we have all coped.

Science Knowledge Map

Artefacts on Charles Darwin.

Today we began exploring artefacts that had been sent to us from the Shropshire Library Service. The idea behind these artefacts is to experience real life hands on experiences. We looked closely at some of the objects using magnifying glass and microscope.

Science Topic: Evolution and Inheritance.

It was exciting today when we received our very special Shropshire Library Loan Study box. This is a special item all about Charles Darwin and his contribution towards Evolution and Inheritance. It was wonderful examining the artefacts which included skulls, fossils and other resources.

Linking Learning - Geography.

Over the summer, pupils began to think about our Autumn Term learning. Each pupil selected an aspect of study and then created their work. It was fabulous to see it all when we came back to school. Amazing start to our school year together.

Happy Birthday.

Today was a special day as we celebrated another Birthday ! The sun was shining and the cake was delicious !

Katsushika Hokusai 

Today we started to look at the work of this famous Japanese Artist. It was fascinating seeing the work which includes his most famous piece, The Great Wave.

History Knowledge Map