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Criftins Church of England Primary School

Autumn Term 2020

Esafety with Our CEOP Ambassador.

Today we joined online with Mrs. Twigg from Cockshutt CE Primary School to talk about how we can keep safe online. It is important that all of us are careful when accessing and using the internet. We talked together about Apps, mobile devices and social media. A huge thank you to Mrs Twigg for sharing her expertise and time to support us. 

Journey Day.

This is an extra special day where we focus on Christian Values and also the way in which we can all become better. This year was a little different due to having to follow safety guidelines and work in our social bubble. Despite this, we had an incredible day. Finding out about the life and times of Mother Teresa and linking this with the theme of Roots and Fruits. We spent time thinking about the way we spend our lives and the energy placed into our roots. These are the important things for us. Each of these roots can then be seen growing within our own tree. Our own tree with the fruits of our roots. As the day progressed we focused on the concept of Love and responded thoughtfully to each task.


Fast approaching the end of this wonderful term we created our own Christmas cards for those special people in our lives. All too often we can think of Christmas as a time of receiving presents but it’s important we remember it is a time of celebration for the birth of Jesus. Happy Christmas to you all.

Fun doing the Santa Dash this afternoon. 🎅🏻

Special Christmas Treat.

Next week we should have completed our special class 4 video to celebrate Christmas. You will have to wait and see what we have put together. But here are a few photographs while you wait. Happy Christmas to you all.

Christmas Dinner.

It is always lovely to join together and be thankful for the food we are about to eat. Today we joined together in the hall for our annual tasty Christmas dinner. Great fun, great company and gratefully received.

Collective Worship Respect : No one is Perfect.

Today we looked at our Collective Worship Box and also focused on a Worry Box. Sometimes in life it is important to share our troubles. To talk to our trusted adults, our families, our friends. We also lit our first Lavendar incense cone. It made us feel warm and special as we worked.

Christmas in Class 4.

We wait throughout the year for the most magical of times. As we move into our final few days of term we celebrate by decorating our classroom. It brings winter cheer and a reminder of the Birth of Jesus.

Daily Collective Worship.

Today we used our newly purchased Collective Worship box. Beautifully carved with goodies inside. We used the tea light holder and lit our 3 candles. It reminded us of The Father, The son and The Holy Spirit.

We learned about water voles, then made our own.

Queen of the Falls.

As we fast approach our final few weeks and Christmas Holiday we have begun our next Pathways Unit. This incredible book re tells the journey of dare devil Annie Taylor and her bravery which involved a barrel and The Niagara Falls.

Pathways : A Tiger in the Zoo.

We have just completed a short burst English unit on poetry. It was great fun learning about the beauty of animals and how this links with Christian Stewardship but also learning how we can construct poems so easily using words and phrases. 

Design And Technology.

Today we continued our research on Masks and Head dresses. It was great fun thinking through the process. Beginning our early designs and then using resources provided to start making.

Starry Nights in time for Christmas.

Today we practiced a few carols using our ukulele. It’s not easy switching between chords and also singing at the same time. With the fabulous tuition by Mrs Claire Fitton from the Shropshire Music Service we had great fun.

It was on a Starry Night.

Still image for this video

Pathways to Write.

This term we began a short burst unit of Poetry and the wonderful Poem by Leslie Norris entitles, A Tiger In The Zoo. Poetry is such an incredible way of developing imagery, vocabulary and structure.

Healthy Activity leads to a Healthy Life.

As we returned to school from our time isolated, we were delighted to be able to play together and practise kurling. This is a great game of individual skill, accuracy and aim. Great fun and a lovely way for us to spend time together.

BBC Children in Need, 2020.

Although we were isolating at home, we didn’t want to miss out on thinking about and supporting this worthy cause. Each of us dressed up in crazy colours and thought about how this wonderful charity can make a difference.

The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.

Working from Home each of our year 6 pupils thought about this very special annual event. It was important to take time out to think about the soldiers who gave up their lives in hope for a better world today. It was lovely to see such a range of ideas from little models, poems and art work.

Big Draw.

It takes time and effort to complete anything. In class we continued working on our unique designs and body outlines. Each one tells a story about who we are, how we think and what is important to each of us. Fabulous work and such creativity.

Pathways English : The Lost Happy Endings.

Last term we focused on Fairytale stories through the magical journey of Jub and her bag of happy story endings. Learning about expanded noun phrases, the use of similes and metaphors and also how vocabulary can transform any story and descriptive piece of writing. We finished our book by writing our own story .

Light of Hope.

Once we had made our tea light holders full of our hopes and prayers we placed a small flickering LED candle into each one. Making our way into the hall we placed our candle together with other candles in the shape of a cross. Magical.

Light of Hope.

As we welcome back our pupils we take time to think about the word light and the word hope. Both of these have a special meaning as we think about the times we are currently living in. A time to see the light amidst all the darkness and a time for hope for a better tomorrow.


This term we will be exploring the wonders of Python and computer coding. Python is a programming language that needs to be typed and correctly sequenced for an event to work. Events could include producing a drawing, or repeating a sequence of lines to produce a pattern.

The Big Draw.

Each year we celebrate art and drawing through a special day entitles the Big Draw. This year our focus was linking Gareth Fuller art and ourselves. We worked together using an outline drawing of ourselves and thought about how we could represent ourselves and who we are through drawings and images.

Excellence in Sport.

Today we began our first test of our personal fitness. We ran for 15 minutes or for as long as we could. Each of us realised we could walk or run to see how many laps we could complete in the time given. Next week we will practise each day doing a few laps and then re test ourselves over a 15 minute time period. Well done to everyone.

How far and how fast ?

This week we got on to the subject of distance and time. We measured our track and discovered it is 224 metres. This got us thinking. Usain Bolt, the current record holder can run 200 metres in 19.19 seconds. So har far can we run in the same amount of time? Those of us who tried discovered we ran around 100 metres, around half the distance in the time given !

Lakeland’s Academy Science.

Today we used our resources which had been very kindly organised by Lakeland’s Academy High School. Our experiment was to find out about absorbency and test nappy material. We loved making our predictions and then working with our resources to find out just how much water can be absorbed by a nappy !

Counting each droplet.

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History and the Village of Eyam.

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Today we went onto the playground to act out the nursery rhyme ‘ring-a-ring o’roses’ as part of our History. We soon learnt that this innocent nursery rhyme has a sinister meaning connected with The Bubonic Plague.

We made dragonflies!

English : The Lost Happy Endings.

Today we used drama to re enact the scene where the evil witch takes the emerald green sack full of happy story endings. Using drama is a great way to develop characterisation and also to develop confidence and dialogue. We had great fun !

Drama : The Lost Happy Endings.

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Explain how and why a Volcano erupts !

Such fun this afternoon as we discovered more about volcanoes. After researching the famous Volcano of Mt. Vesuvius we wanted to understand more about why eruptions occur. Outside we knew that hot magma being compressed and squeezed needs to let the heat out somewhere !

All that heat has to go somewhere !

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Daily Worship

Each day we take time for reflection. Today we used YouTube and watched a video about the story of The Good Samaritan. It reminded all of us about helping each other. Sometimes we need all need to stop and help someone.

Sports Leaders

Sports leaders will be helping Mrs Palmer and lunchtime fitness throughout this year. It was great fun voting and choosing a boy and a girl to represent school.


Lakelands Academy.

It was a pleasure today to welcome Mrs Bellis and Miss Mansfield to talk with Year 6 about transition to High School. It was good to be able to ask questions and find out more about Lakelands. Over the next few weeks all year 6 pupils and their families will need to make the important decision of choosing which High School they will be attending.

Science : Evolution and inheritance.

Science is all about finding answers and often about explaining natural phenomena. Many scientist believe that animals including humans have evolved, adapted and changed over time. Today we began the process of researching about how different animals have changed.

Year 6 Ambassador.

This afternoon we asked our year 6 pupils who would like to volunteer to be our Year 6 Ambassador. This is a hugely popular and demanding role in school as it means being a voice for the pupils in class. All our volunteers spoke of the reasons they would like to be chosen and then in a secret ballot voting commenced.

Daily Collective Worship.

A big part of everyday is taking time out to gather our thoughts, to reflect and also take time to pause and pray.

This week we decided to gather some of our thoughts each day on our School Value for this term which is Friendship.

Expert tuition from Shropshire Music Service.

Today we began to learn how to tune and play our ukulele. Being able to play an instrument is a wonderful experience for children and also develops essential co ordination and sequencing skills. It sounded great and was great fun !

Week 3 Chord C

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Outdoor Learning.

Each Monday we dedicate the afternoon to developing our outdoor curriculum. Learning is not just about being in the classroom but about learning about the world we live in.


In Outdoor Learning we found out about shells.

Beyond Coaching Rugby Sessions.

This week we welcomed Mr Johnson and Beyond Coaching as we began our PE sessions. Each week we will be practising invasion skills of throwing, catching and other rugby based skills. It was great fun today, can’t wait until next Friday afternoon !

Ukulele Music Tuition.

This week we welcomed back Mrs Fitton from the Shropshire Music Service. We began by thinking about musical composition, musical warm-up and practising rhythm. Next week we will each receive our own ukulele to learn how to play. Pop back to see how we are getting on. So exciting !

Pause and Pray.

At Criftins we place great importance on taking time each day to reflect, take time to think and also time for prayer. As we begin our new term we are thinking about the ways that we can develop our daily class worship. We might not all be able to get together as a whole school but Getting together as a class is important. Our School value for this term and focus is Friendship.

First week back.

We have only been back a couple of days but already we are beginning to adapt to the many changes due to Covid-19.  Despite all the changes and need to maintain social distancing and increased hygiene measures, we have thoroughly enjoyed being back in school learning and spending time with our friends. School is important: we need to learn about the world we live in and learn about the diversity of each other.

Daily Mile:

Each day we aim to get out and about on our running track. Exercise is essential for keeping healthy. We also enjoy having time to socialise with our friends. Being in school is about learning to communicate with our friends, peers and teachers and also about learning about the world we live in.