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Criftins Church of England Primary School

Autumn Term, 2019.

Upstanders and Bystanders with Mrs. Twigg.

Today we had a wonderful visit from CEOP ambassador, Mrs Twigg. Together we worked in class identifying different types of bullying scenarios. We soon realised that often when bullying takes place there are many roles that we can play. Do we stand up and speak out or do we do nothing and allow unacceptable behaviour to continue?

Odd Socks for Anti-Bullying Week.

Today Class 4 and all of Criftins chose to wear some odd un matching socks. Not easy and even felt strange to do, but an important way to help each other understand about looking and feeling different. Being unique is what makes us all special.

Remembrance Service 

In the hall today several of our volunteer Year 6 shared their prayers, poems and writing on the meaning behind the Poppy Appeal. It was wonderful to see such independence from our year 6 but also to be a part of such an important annual event, which included observing the two minute silence. 

Anti-Bullying Week, 2019

This week we focussed on the national initiative to raise awareness of Bullying. As part of our collective worship we decided in class 4 to make notes on the presentation and discussion that had taken place. Anti-Bullying Week this year has an emphasis on how we can bring about change by the choices we make.

Christian Library with Mr Catton.

We welcomed Mr. Catton as we returned following our half term to swap our library loan books. This is a wonderful opportunity to engage in reading but also story that has a Christian emphasis. Here we can see pupils choosing their next book to read over the next few weeks.

Recognise the impact of exercise.

The week we began to focus on the next stage of our Science work. Exercise. This is an essential part of a daily routine that all human beings should do in order to maintain a healthy body. Often exercise is as simple as thinking about moving. The more we move, the healthier we should become. Here we can see our class exercising particular areas of our body through press-ups, sit-ups, triceps dips and running.

Fun in music !

Each week we split into our year groups to develop our music skills. It is great fun doing music especially working with Mr. Jones. This week two of our boys joined in the performance with their own guitars.

Electric Guitars.

Still image for this video

Dancing his way to success !

Earlier this week we listened and celebrated to one of our fabulous year 6 pupils who has just been awarded Distinctions in dancing. After many months of intensive dedication and training we found out that Ashton had been awarded the highest grade in both Freestyle and Tap. We look forward to a performance sometime soon.

Picture 1

View from a window -Ellesmere.

We are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of the world. Ellesmere has wonderful views across the mere but also across the Shropshire countryside. Today we continued our work, using photographs of Ellesmere to produce some artwork. Our work uses the softness and gentleness of water colours. Soft hues of colour washed across the paper.

Grammar, punctuation and spelling.

A huge part of writing is about being able to correctly spell and punctuate statements, commands and questions. Here we can see some of Class 4 playing an activity involving creating a sentence using both active and passive. Not easy but essential skills to learn about.

Science-Circulation and Pulse.

As part of our Science topic, today we wanted to investigate the effect of exercise on our pulse rate. In teams we created a series of exercises, timed ourselves and then measured our pulse rate. Our observations and results were then recorded as evidence. It was great fun exercising but also developing genuine understanding of how the human body works.

PowerPoint Presentations on Diksmuide.

Today in class 4 we were all treated to a wonderful experience of finding out about our Geography topic by two of our year 5 pupils. One of the pupils had created a summer holiday PowerPoint and the other had actually visited the twin town in Belgium.

Being able to stand up in front of others and talk about a subject can be a huge challenge and it was wonderful to see such enthusiasm and knowledge being shared.


Today we split our year 5 and year 6 pupils to develop both musical and computing ability. In our computer session we will be developing Coding skills. This is using commands to program movement or create sequences of action. Today we started by looking at a great website called

Over and Above with John.

Today we were all treated to a presentation and food when one of our year 5 pupils talked to us. During the holidays John and his family travelled to Diksmuide in Belgium. It was inspiring to hear all about the twinned town which is part of our Geography topic work. After looking at some information and talking with John we were all treated to a delicious Belgium waffle.

Fascinating Fossils.

Learning doesn’t stop when we are at home, it is all around us. Today it was fascinating when one of our year 5 pupils had brought in some stones. These weren’t just any stones. Inside each stone was a hidden treasure formed millions of years ago - a fossil.

There was an old lady....

Today for Literacy we wanted to have a bit of fun with a poem all about the crazy lady who swallowed a fly and many other animals to catch the fly. I just don’t know why she swallowed a fly ! Each group of pupils read through the poem and then performed it and recorded their work as a video. Using Seesaw we then uploaded our videos so we could all watch and comment on them.

Move Up Day.

Towards the end of term we gathered as a new class. Our year 5 pupils became year 6 and some of our year 4 pupils became year 5, just for the day ! It was great fun organising who would be sitting where and also thinking about the fun activities we would do together in September. Have a look at these images showing some simple yet inspired art work.