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Good News Library.

Today we welcomed Mr. Catton from The Good News Trust who came to talk to the upper junior pupils about borrowing all types of Christian books.Eg. Stories about Jesus, missionary stories, modern adventure stories with a Christian theme etc.

Each pupil had the opportunity to browse and choose a book which they have 4 weeks to read before returning.

Good News travels quickly.



Today we welcomed Sally from the NSPCC, who came to talk to us about about keeping safe and happy. We also found out about the work of Childline. Charities such as this need to raise money and today each of us was given information about a sponsorship event. Sally will be back in school in two weeks to collect any money raised.

Sponsor Forms.

Chance to Shine.

As part of a healthy and active week we are practising the skills of Kwik Cricket. Today we began with the basic skills of throwing and catching followed by a team game. All good fun in the Autumnal sunshine and a great way to keep fit and healthy.

Kwik Cricket

Kwik Cricket 1

Our busy day...

As part of our outstanding contribution to each day we always strive for an engaging and rewarding curriculum. Every lesson and subject is important in order to prepare children for the journey ahead.

We began this term with a wonderful experience organised by The Rotary Club of Oswestry, The Lifeline event.

Lifeline is a fully funded event organised each year which educates pupils in ways to keep safe. Important life skills and valuable activities. One of my personal favourites was a demonstration of car stopping distances. An important realisation for pupils as they cross our ever busy roads.

Lifeline by Oswestry Rotary Club.

Golden Mile.

Being healthy is important and here at Criftins we place great emphasis on leading an active lifestyle. We measured our playground perimeter and calculated that 19 laps would be approximately 1 mile. Each day we run a few laps which contributes towards a Golden Mile. It only takes a few minutes each day but the benefits can last a lifetime!

Here we go......

Here we go...... 1
Here we go...... 2