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Celebration Assembly with a twist!

Celebration Assembly with a twist! 1
Celebration Assembly with a twist! 2

Due the fact that celebration assembly wasn't on this week, we decided to have our own class assembly. The children picked a name out of the hat and decided on a particular reason why their chosen child deserved a certificate. It was really lovely to hear each award being announced and all of the comments were so meaningful. 

Exciting times for Criftins - a new reading shed in the playground!

Collective Worship - Creation

Collective Worship - Creation 1
Collective Worship - Creation 2
Collective Worship - Creation 3
Collective Worship - Creation 4
Collective Worship - Creation 5
Collective Worship - Creation 6
Collective Worship - Creation 7
Collective Worship - Creation 8
Collective Worship - Creation 9
Collective Worship - Creation 10
Collective Worship - Creation 11
Collective Worship - Creation 12

Peer Mentoring in Maths

Peer Mentoring in Maths 1
Peer Mentoring in Maths 2
Peer Mentoring in Maths 3

Performance Poetry

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Class 3 have worked so hard to learn and perform 'Walking with my iguana' by poet Brian Moses. We chose this poem because it links to our class topic - the rainforest. Fantastic effort shown by all! 🌟

Silly Sentences

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Today, we played a game to help us develop a better understanding of adjectives, nouns, verbs and adverbs. We had to write a word and fold it over before passing it on to our partner to write another. In the end, we ended up with some hilarious non-sense sentences.

First week of TimesTables!

First week of TimesTables!  1
First week of TimesTables!  2
First week of TimesTables!  3
First week of TimesTables!  4
All eager and raring to go! 

New Bibles

New Bibles 1
New Bibles 2
Thank you to the Mothers' Union for providing us with new Bibles -  a collection of fun and educational religious stories. As you can see, they were a popular choice in our free reading session today! 

English - Features of Poetry

English - Features of Poetry  1
English - Features of Poetry  2
English - Features of Poetry  3
English - Features of Poetry  4
English - Features of Poetry  5
English - Features of Poetry  6
English - Features of Poetry  7
English - Features of Poetry  8
English - Features of Poetry  9
English - Features of Poetry  10
English - Features of Poetry  11
English - Features of Poetry  12
We started our lesson today with a rhyming game. We were each given a post it note with a word on it and we had to find our rhyming partner ...without talking!