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Criftins Church of England Primary School

Class Three

12th Sept 18 - Back to Forest School. Today we were looking at the different trees that are growing on our site. In pairs we chose a tree and will be looking at it weekly to notice how the leaves change as autumn progresses. Today we identified what type of tree we had each chosen.

5th June - linked to work on fossils and rocks to-day the children were making their own dinosaur footprints!

22nd May - to-day each group had a ‘friend’ for which they had to build a house or create an outdoor activity for them. Everyone worked very hard and the results were fabulous.

Today we made close observations of some of the flowers found on the Forest School site. 15th May

Class Three actually have a dry afternoon for Forest School - first time for weeks!

This is supposed to be the beginning of the summer term - will it ever dry up?

Den building, checking what‘s in the pond, more mud pies - chocolate again! 20th March 2018

Still very wet and muddy but enjoyed by all! 13th March 2018

Last week cold and snow this week mud! 6th March

Enjoying the cold weather! 27th February 2018

Autumn 17